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Enjoy These Features With An Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Not all surveillance takes place indoors in Jackson, MS. In fact, many properties need cameras outside to monitor and secure the premises. Of course, picking the right cam is easier said than done. There are many, many different kinds available at...Read More

Is Security Worth The Loss To Privacy?

Security systems are the very best way to deter and catch criminals. However, sometimes security systems can feel like an invasion of privacy. A good security system will monitor people as they come and go around the clock. This monitoring can feel...Read More

How To Choose The Best IP Security Camera For Your Needs

Internet protocol (IP) video cameras are a fantastic option for both home and office security needs in Jackson, MS. IP cameras are state-of-the-art and higher quality than standard analog video cameras. They can be accessed remotely, offer...Read More

How New Wireless Technology Can Protect Your Home

Wireless security technology has really advanced in recent years offering new products and ways to protect your home. If you’ve never owned a security system or are looking to upgrade your current system, wireless technologies offer a range of...Read More

Five Key Considerations When Deciding Which Camera Is Right For Your Security System

There are so many incredible surveillance system options on the market in Jackson, MS. When you are ready to have more security on your premises, there are a lot of factors to consider. Finding the right IP camera depends on your security needs. To...Read More

How Do I Get The Best Deal On My Security System?

Getting the best deal on your security system has a lot to do with what you get out of it. First and foremost, you want your investment to provide you with peace of mind and a restful night. You want your security system to capture and monitor all...Read More

Are Large Format, High Definition Flat Screens Right For Your Security System?

If you are looking for the best surveillance system in Jackson, MS, you may be tempted to buy a 42” high definition screen to monitor your premises. This is especially true if you are displaying your monitor in public and want people to see...Read More

What Are The Advantages Of Digital Surveillance?

If one wishes to truly take advantage of all the technological advancements in security what they really want is digital surveillance in Jackson, MS. Digital surveillance may make some think of monitoring computer use, but what it really consists...Read More

7 Benefits Of Choosing IP Cameras For Your Security System

If you are considering installing security cameras or upgrading your existing analog closed circuit system (CCTV) in Jackson, MS, you may be wondering about Internet Protocol (IP) video cameras. IP video cameras are networked with an ethernet...Read More

3 Ways A Home Security System Can Protect Your Family That You May Not Know

A home security system is the ultimate way to protect your family in Jackson, MS. A good security system acts as a deterrent to keep criminals away. A security system will notify you and the police if there are intruders. Finally, it can help the...Read More

Daycare Surveillance Offers Plenty Of Advantages

Daycare centers have become more and more popular over the years. After all, times have changed, and it is harder and harder for families to make it on a single income. Thus, both parents have to work, which means they need someone to look after the...Read More

Access Control Strategies For School Campuses

Defining access control can get pretty complicated if you let it, so this post will attempt to keep things straightforward and easy to understand. In simplistic terms, access control is a security technique that is used to allow or restrict people...Read More

A Look At The Best Home Security Camera Types

Your home in Jackson, MS is your castle, but the sad reality is that sometimes it may not be as secure as it should be. As such, investing in good, reliable security systems is important for homeowners in Jackson, MS. And when it comes to creating a...Read More

A Closer Look At Home Motion Detectors

Few things are as important to homeowners as making sure that you and your family are protected. Installing a good, reliable home security system is one of the best ways to make sure that your investment and your loved ones are safe. A home security...Read More

Monitoring and Protecting Your Empty Home During the Selling Stage

You have moved and are currently in the process of selling your old home. You think it is safe because it is empty, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because the home is empty, it doesn’t mean that it is safe and immune...Read More

4 Reasons To Install Security Cameras At Your Small Business

Large corporations have been utilizing surveillance systems for years. However, sometimes, the small business owner doesn't have the funding to install security cameras and is left hung out to dry. The safety measures are just not in the budget....Read More

How A Hidden Camera Can Help

One of the reasons why people get security cameras in Jackson, MS is for the sake of deterrence.  When people know they’re being watched and recorded, they’re less likely to do something illegal.  However, that’s...Read More

Home Security Brings A Lot Of Advantages

They say that a person’s Jackson home is his or her castle, and one of the things that comes with the impression of any castle is safety. A home is a refuge, a place for Jackson, MS families to live out their lives in security. People expect...Read More

Can Your Security Camera System Record And Play Footage?

So you have a security system, and that system includes several video cameras in strategic locations.  You may have someone monitoring them at all times, although with a modern system you can do so remotely with the right app.  However,...Read More

A Guide For Buying A Security System

Security is an important component for any Jackson, MS business. Retail businesses have obvious targets in the forms of the desirable products sold that could easily be resold on the black market. Banks are another high-value target since they...Read More

Avoiding Common Surveillance Mistakes

Surveillance only works if it works. Jackson, MS home or business owners cannot expect to get the most out of their investment if they’re making common mistakes that render their surveillance footage useless. By avoiding common surveillance...Read More

4 Reasons To Use Security Cameras In Malls

Shopping malls in Jackson, MS are crowded public spaces where people of all ages and all demographics come together to buy clothing and other goods, eat some fast food, and otherwise hang out with friends.  It’s also where many people...Read More

3 Ways To Protect Your Business From Theft

There are all kinds of ways to lose money to theft.  Customers could shoplift, burglars could show up after dark and steal valuable equipment, vandals could damage the property and steal metal or even trees, and employees can abuse the trust...Read More

Implementing Surveillance Without Upsetting Employees

Today’s Jackson business owners need to ensure that they do all they can to protect their business and lead it into the future. That’s not always easy, and everything from marketing to hiring the right team will have an impact on your...Read More

Video Surveillance Solutions For Government Employers

Government agencies in Jackson, MS rely on their workers to remain productive throughout the day. They are assets that sell goods, provide services, and promote the company's brand. However, a recent study has revealed that government employees are...Read More

How Security Systems Create A Safer Environment For Library Patrons

If you have ever been to a public library in Jackson, MS, then you are well aware of how welcoming and inviting they are when it comes to the general public. Parents often bring their children in to spend some time and pick out a few books. However,...Read More

Keep Your School Campus Safe With The Right Security Measures

Sadly, the number of school shootings and other tragedies has not been going down, and there's no real indication that the number will drop in the near future. However, Jackson schools still need to open every fall and give every child the best...Read More

Why you need to update your school's security camera's

  Security cameras can make people nervous, and when they’re in schools they can make parents nervous.  However, most parents are willing to accept security cameras at school because of everything that can happen on campus: ...Read More

The Benefits Of School Security Cameras And Surveillance

School shootings have become a tragic epidemic in recent years. For this reason, school districts have been prioritizing school security like never before in history, and a real focus has been placed on security cameras and surveillance...Read More

Devise A Safer Campus With School Video Surveillance

The safety of our children in their schools is something that should be absolutely paramount to any American parent. But unfortunately, we now live in an age where aside from bullying and vandalism, danger to our children can come in the...Read More

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